11/29/2012 12:54:00 PM

Queens 'Cue Alert: The Strand Barbecue and Beer Garden Opens Today

Last week we took at look at Fletcher's, a new barbecue joint that's impressing in Brooklyn. Now, it's time for Queens to get a moment in the smoky sun. The Strand Smokehouse takes its name from the iconic movie theater that was located down the block, and it should find a wide audience with its picnic tables, pitchers of beers and large outdoor spaces (there's room to sit in both the front and back yards).

Eric Milley, who was the head chef at Jeffrey's Grocery, is at the helm, and Shane McBride is consulting. Expect classics like brisket that's smoked over maple and hickory. There's also whiskey on premises - and a lot of it. Small batch varieties of the brown spirit will be served directly from the barrels where it ages. There are also 16 locally brewed beers on tap. The Queens 'cue opens today (25-27 Broadway; 212-684-1955).


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