11/07/2012 12:14:00 PM

Presidential Drinking Polls: A Look Back at How Well How They Did

Rasmussen. Gallup. Nate Silver. After those endless months of election polls, we finally have a clear winner in the presidential elections and state ballots. So we decided to check in with our local San Francisco vox populi drinking polls to see just how well they did in predicting the final outcome. (No, we didn't check the gourds like Diane Sawyer's granddaddy did).

Down at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company, the 2012 Alection, which pitted the blue-labeled Barack Obama ale against against the identically brewed red-labeled Mitt Romney version, went decisively to the newly reelected POTUS by a landslide. Out of 400 ballots cast, drinkers slammed back bottles for 70% Obama vs. 30% for Romney. Granted, the real margin in California was a lot closer (59.1% to 39.6%), but this was the second time that the Alection, which was also held in 2008, accurately predicted the outcome.

Over at Jasper's Corner Tap and Kitchen, tipplers also overwhelmingly went for the "Blue State" Blue Steel Cocktail over the "Mittaroni," despite the questionably frou frou appearance of the Democratic contender and the bar's reputation for its real world negroni. We were assured by reps from Jasper's that guests needed to ask for the “Mittaroni” by name to count in the tally, and that requests for standard negroni orders didn’t count.

Now if we had only turned off the tellie and just listened to our local bartenders, we would have had a much earlier night. Both HMB and Jaspers' called the race for Obama early last afternoon.


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