11/21/2012 05:45:00 PM

Photo of the Day: Turkey Tamales

We all have our personal Thanksgiving menu favorites - ours is stuffing of any kind, be it chestnut, cornbread, sausage or apple - but there's always room for new flavors and traditions. Being in LA, where cuisines mash up like a bowl of Yukon Gold potatoes, we think the turkey tamale should be a new holiday staple, a fusion of Mexican and classic American flavors wrapped up in one little corn husk. And these from Yxta Cocina Mexicana look like they'll do the trick. Find them on the lunch menu at the Downtown spot through the end of the month.

With that, however you celebrate and give thanks, have a safe and lovely holiday with friends and family. Don't eat too much pie. Or do, and then tell us if you got it from one of our Thanksgiving helpers next week. Cheers!


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