11/20/2012 07:14:00 PM

Photo of the Day: An Early LudoBites

This is one of the only shots of Ludovic Lefebvre's LudoBites in our archives, dated 2009, so probably 2.0 at Breadbar on West Third Street. It was way before the t-shirts, the Coq (when this was still the logo), the TV appearances, the media darlingness, the selling out seats in less than a minute. He barely had a staff, if we recall correctly, and we certainly didn't have to fight for a table. There was, however,  foie gras miso soup, which was one of our favorite Ludobites dishes to date. Too bad he can't serve that at Ludobites.TEN, where he'll bring back some of the top dishes from all the pop-ups put together. Now that he's entering the 10th installment, LudoBites 1-9 is practically a blur. Kinda like this photo.


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