11/26/2012 03:35:00 PM

Photo of the Day: The Bacon Bacon Truck Up In Smoke

Talk about the Bacon Apocalypse. The Bacon Bacon truck went up in flames the day before Thanksgiving. Owner Jim Angelus tells us he was driving the truck back from service and was just a few blocks away from his Cole Valley headquarters when the engine caught on fire. Luckily no one was hurt but despite efforts by the local fire department to put out the fire quickly, the truck is kaput. (And, no, it didn't smell good while it was burning.) However, according to Angelus, he’s got insurance and plans to rise again like a phoenix and be “back on the streets in a matter of months.”

In the meantime, Angelus assures us and bacon fans that the Bacon Bacon Kitchen storefront at 205 Frederick Street (at Ashbury) is open Monday-Saturday from breakfast and lunch from 7:30 AM- 3 PM and serves 90% of everything that is on the truck menu (including the LGBT, grilled cheese bacon jam sandwich and bacon bacon cheeseburger) along with some special breakfast items such as a bacon-and-egg sandwich and housemade scones. He’s also added six bar stools for folks to cop a squat while they stop by to eat and pick up some chocolate-covered bacon and "You Had Me at Bacon" tee-shirts for that special someone on your Christmas list (or lapsed Kosher friends). Check out the complete storefront menu online and anyone interested in helping in Bacon Bacon’s Kickstarter campaign to get a new mobile rig on the road should follow its social media pages.


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