11/16/2012 03:09:00 PM

Our 30 Under 30 Drinks Crew Weighs In on Boston Bar Trends

Given the solid number of bars in Boston, it's no surprise that a significant portion of our 30 Under 30 honorees came from the beverage field. So what do these up-and-comers anticipate being next for the local scene? Read on to find out.

Jason Kilgore, beverage manager at Catalyst
"I foresee smaller 'local' distilleries really gaining ground. There have been plenty of them popping up over the last few years, and similar to the local craft beer phenomenon, I think more bars will start to focus on these as well. The other thing that I'm really excited for (and hope it catches on), is the re-occurrence of old school liqueurs. For example, Suze is now available in the states, and we've been using Maurin to some extent in cocktails."

Heather Mojer, bartender and front of house manager at Hungry Mother
"I would say that batching house cocktails is becoming more widely used at bars and restaurants in Boston and beyond. The time saved by this effort offers more time for attention to guests. In short, this is an overall retraction from the focus of simply mixing drinks to an increase in a more complete experience particularly for bar guests."

Josh Taylor, bar manager at West Bridge
"I think people are looking for a more streamlined cocktail experience. Everyone can appreciate a perfectly made cocktail, but if it takes ten minutes to get it, the thrill fades. We've seen batched cocktails, draft cocktails, room temperature cocktails, etc. I think moving forward guests want to be told what is best and get it in a timely manner. That has always been a part of bartending, but it is important to embrace it now if we want to keep the craft cocktail scene on the rise."

Sam Treadway, bar manager/co-owner at Backbar
"I think that thankfully people have started to care about what they're drinking. People want to enjoy the flavor of a drink just as much as they want to enjoy food. So it's now basically unacceptable to not have a decent cocktail list if you want to be a good restaurant. More and more bars and restaurants are using fresh juice and quality ingredients. Classic cocktails are also being featured, and thankfully people are beginning to step out of the comfort zone of vodka drinks. Hopefully in the near future people will start drinking more sherry, both by itself and in cocktails."


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