11/14/2012 09:15:00 AM

NY Times Does Not Like Guy Fieri's New Restaurant

For his review this week, Pete Wells has gone where no other NY Times critic dared to go before: into a Guy Fieri-owned restaurant in Times Square. You probably won't be surprised that the results weren't pretty. Echoing Frank Bruni's famous letter to "Graybee Baby" Wells files this zero-star missive as a direct address to the television chef, starting with the question: "GUY FIERI, have you eaten at your new restaurant in Times Square?" and then firing off a series of questions ranging from "When you hung that sign by the entrance that says, WELCOME TO FLAVOR TOWN!, were you just messing with our heads?" The restaurant receives a rating of poor. Needless to say the review is a doozy, you'll want to read it here.


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