11/29/2012 03:57:00 PM

Grant Achatz's Next Reveals 2013 Menus Including "The Hunt" and an All-Vegan Endeavor

It’s difficult to predict what will come out of the kitchens of Next. Rather than stick to the trend of menus dictated by a specific region and time period – say El Bulli or Paris circa 1906. According to the Chicago Tribune, the 2013 menus are determined by the restraints that chefs Dave Beran and Grant Achatz put on themselves and the team. The three menus are as follow.

First, “The Hunt,” a local game meat-driven homage to the Midwest will include dishes such as bear jerky. Then, it’s polar opposite, an all-vegan menu focused on the preparation of vegetables. Finally a menu inspired by the international culinary competition Bocuse d’Or, where 24 teams from around the globe are tasked with preparing the same proteins. Within five hours and 35 minutes they must present 14 dishes as well as three additional dishes that represent their home nation. Not really sure how this one will translate to a site down meal, but leave it to Next to surprise us.

Next will close after concluding the current Kyoto menu and then reopen during the second week of January with “The Hunt.” In the meantime, we wish them luck finding locally sourced bear meat.


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