11/19/2012 02:26:00 PM

Next Iron Chef Redemption Episode 3: Simplicity and Cereal

Marcel Vigneron: truffle-hoarder; Image via Food Network
Last night, Next Iron Chef Redemption got off to an interesting start - the chefs hammed it up for the cameras as food photographer Todd Selby snapped pictures of them putzing around the LA Farmer's Market. Why exactly? The photos, meant to capture their "chef personalities" were the premise of the elimination challenge, in which pairs of cheftestants had to prepare a dish that they believe represented the essence of their competitor in an attempt to showcase "simplicity." Nate Appleman, who everyone agreed looks like satan, remarked that, "he wasn't sure how Alex G. tastes, but he does know how a carrot tastes." His terrifying quotes pretty much make this show.

There's a ridiculous scramble at the fridges...like...ridiculous, and Marcel snags seemingly the only truffle. Nate Appleman asks for half of it but Marcel refuses to share. "That's going to come back to bite you my friend," Nate tells Marcel. Oh...it's getting nasty in here. In the unspoken contract among competitive reality show chefs, truffle-hoarding is a serious no-no. Nate ends up finding another truffle in the fridge later to complete his insanely decadent surf 'n' turf meant to encapsulate chef Eric Greenspan. (Eric jokes repeatedly that "he is luxury, personified.") Elizabeth Falkner makes some sort of "sexy" dish because she thinks chef Freitag is sexy. Awks. And Freitag makes an anchovy pasta to encapsulate Elizabeth because she is misunderstood and so are anchovies. Meanwhile Jehangir Mehta makes a weird-looking grape leaf pizza for Spike which he deems brilliant and Spike makes a phoned in bacon-wrapped shrimp with mango chutney in honor of Mehta.

Alex G. would "rather have a root canal" than lose right now - luckily at judges' table, the judges love her goat cheese souffle, Freitag's anchovy pasta, and both Nate Appleman's dish and Eric Greenspan's fancy deviled egg and they are all safe. Spike skirts by leaving Mehta, Greenspan, Falkner and Marcel in the bottom. The secret ingredient showdown requires the chefs to use both Rice Krispies and Raisin Bran in their dishes - gross. But the chefs get crafty of course and manage to pull off dishes that look somewhat edible. Falkner and Marcel both make desserts although the judges like Falkner's slightly better. Simon thinks Marcel's plating is "juvenile" and that it "looks like an accident in a Tiki Bar." Marcel doesn't undertand he critique. Donatella thinks Mehta's crab cake was oily. He doesn't.

In the end, Eric is sent packing for his Rice-Krispies-crusted tuna. He does not go quietly and freaks out when Alton tells him he was "out-cooked"by just a tiny bit. He wasn't out-cooked, maybe he was "out-conceptualized" he admits. Nate has it out for Marcel, noting: "Chef Vigneron is not someone that deserves to be in the competition, I will take everyone down." Dun dun dun. Until next week, folks.


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