11/05/2012 04:58:00 AM

New Series: Heston's Fantastical Food on Channel 4

We have no doubt that the new TV series from the man who gave us bacon and egg ice-cream, snail porridge and the tampon palate cleanser will be thoroughly entertaining and completely wacky.

Find out for yourself as the first episode of Heston Blumenthal's new show, Heston's Fantastical Food airs, tomorrow evening (Tuesday November 6) at 9 PM on Channel 4. Follows the culinary alchemist as he brings back the wonder and excitement of our favourite childhood foods by creating super-sized versions of familiar meals and treats. Expect giant versions of a 99 Flake, a record breaking bag of Hula Hoops, a massive pyramid tea bag (served in a suitable enormous tea pot) as well as the world's largest boiled egg and huge fry-up with metre-long sausages and jumbo baked beans.

We predict a massive hit.


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