11/07/2012 01:45:00 PM

New Dynamo Donut Kiosk Joins The Rising Marina Green Food Scene

The Marina Green runs along some of the city's most picturesque waterfront. We love heading down there to run (ok, walk) along the boardwalk, check out the amateur crab fisherman and take iPhone photos of the Golden Gate Bridge. Now it seems poised for a foodie revival. You can already spend dearly for a locally sourced Californicated sandwich and a steaming mug of Fair Trade hot cocoa at the Warming Hut Cafe or grab a grass-fed hot dog from a Let's Be Frank cart, but as of today, your long cardio outings will be rewarded (or ruined) by a bacon-maple apple donut courtesy of Dynamo Donut. Tablehopper reports that the gourmet donut purveyor's long-awaited satellite kiosk at the Marina Green is now open.

The red-tiled topped Rec and Park stone kiosk slings seven to ten freshly made daringly flavored donuts (delivered daily) as well as Four Barrel Coffee during daytime hours Tuesday-Sunday. (Hopefully, they won't sell out as quickly as they do at its Mission homestead). Now all we're waiting for to complete the San Francisco food pyramid trifecta (bacon, coffee and crab) is that forthcoming waterfront crab-and-clam shack at the defunct Marina Degaussing Station from Woodhouse Fish Company, slated for summer 2013.

Dynamo Donut & Coffee: 110 Yacht Road off Marina Blvd, open Tuesday to Saturday from 8 AM- 4 PM and Sunday 9 AM- 4 PM, daily donut menu online.


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