11/07/2012 10:34:00 AM

New Burger Alert: Lloyd Whiskey Bar

Lloyd Whiskey Bar has been open in Fishtown for less than two weeks (we’ll have more details soon), but the East Girard spot has already thrown down with a burger worth writing about. Kissin Fresh Meats is just a few blocks down the street, and provides a special blend of chuck and heel of round, ground by hand for the patty.

Muenster cheese is melted on top and layered with house-pickled onions, providing both flavor and crunch. We suggest adding the side of house bread-and-butter pickles to the pile before closing up the toasted Metropolitan Bakery brioche roll and going in for a mouth-stretching bite. The burger is served with fries for $12 (making it one of the most expensive items on the very reasonably priced menu).


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