11/05/2012 04:16:00 PM

Matt Zagorski, Burger Chef: Blessing or Curse?

Zagorski's burger at Hickory Lane is another winner
There are pros and cons to every burger. On the upside, most burgers are pretty delicious, no matter if they’re pressed flat on a griddle, tossed on a fiery grill or seared plump in a pan. On the other hand, the beefy patties are not the best for your waistline. Burgers hold both a positive and negative light for Hickory Lane Bistro’s Matt Zagorski too. The chef first became known in the Philly dining scene thanks to acclaim for his burger at Rouge, and he consulted for 500ยบ, the Rittenhouse fast-casual from Rouge owner Rob Wasserman. When Travel and Leisure did a story titled America’s Best Burgers, the editors looked to Zagorski for a quote.

But Zagorski is much more than just a burger chef, and even though his current burger at the Fairmount tavern is another amazing dish (stay tuned for more about that soon), he wants to eventually move beyond that niche. When we stopped into Hickory Lane to sample that burger recently, Zagorski mentioned a long term goal of running three restaurants, parlaying his patty fame into the opportunity to present fancier and more delicate cuisine at a different venue. The lesson? When you make a truly great burger, people will never forget.


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