11/29/2012 09:16:00 AM

Lunch at El Toro Blanco, Brunch at L'Apicio

If you haven't checked out two new hot spots, you have some new chances to do so with the launch of their new brunches and lunches. East Village Italian L'Apicio will start serving brunch this weekend. The menu contains traditional brunch fare like pancakes (here they're flavored with pumpkin) and a breakfast sandwich with avocado, egg and bacon. There's also a selection of pastas (which is what we would hit if we were going to head over), including spaghetti with tomato sauce and linguine with clams (212-533-7400).

Over in the West Village, Josh Capon's Mexican hot spot El Toro Blanco has launched lunch service. Menu offerings include an El Toro Blanco Burrito and a Tostada chopped salad. If you can't escape for a mid-day meal during the week, the eatery is also up and running with brunch (212-645-0193).


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