11/02/2012 03:13:00 PM

Local Sandy Relief Efforts Are Underway: Who's In?

Eat one of these, help others
Being on the opposite coast, it's difficult to really sense the affects of Hurricane Sandy through photos and video, but we know that many, many areas are still under water and peoples lives have been completely interrupted or uprooted. New York restaurants, rightfully so, have already started fund drives for the Red Cross and other aid organizations, and Los Angeles is starting to get in on the act. Cake Monkey Bakery, the online bakery whose baked goods you've seen around town (hello, Cakewich) just announced that it will donate 10 percent of all retail sales over the next week to the American Red Cros. This includes advance orders for Thanksgiving - a good reason to plan ahead (here are some seasonal specialties).

We love the idea of our local restaurants and bars banding together for our East Coast brethren. Please let us know in the comments if you know of more specials, deals and drives around the LA restaurant and bar scene. We'll pull it all together in one helpful post.


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