11/13/2012 06:49:00 PM

Live Blog and Video: Zagat's 30 Under 30 Boston Party!

The Boston Public Library is a little more maroon tonight, because Zagat is in 'da house! We're here celebrating our latest group of restaurant industry up and comers - from a food truck operator that makes a mean grilled cheese to a 21 year old budding restaurateur (someone check that kid's ID!).
Industry heavyweights kept their chef whites in the closet tonight, and we'll be providing live updates of our fancy gala here. Tune into our live Hangout below, and stay tuned to see if anyone tries to steal the Zagat-branded pillows.

6:45 PM: You can tell that that we are really doing it up in beantown. Brace yourselves, there are LIGHTS ON THE FLOOR.

6:55 PM: And we're live! Tune in to our live streaming Google+ Hangout right here, and see your Zagat editors (including yours truly) chat with some of the honorees!

8:09 PM: Speaking of Champagne, we're digging the branded bottles of bubbly that we're handing out, but something we're digging more? The sparkly nail polish on hand model/Zagat Editor Amanda Spurlock.

8:12 PM: Tim and Nina Zagat are on the stage, welcoming the 30 under and 30 to the event. "A great restaurant relies on a lot more than just a good chef." Woot woot!

8:15 PM: Each of the honorees is being called up to the stage and being given a bottle. We're going to cheer extra loud for the one that opens it and drinks it right away.

8:17 PM: That 21 year old is Joey DePasquale, who is vice president of DePasquale Ventures. He curated the wine list at establishments like Bricco and Umbria and successfully made us feel like we'll never amount to anything. #soold

8:23 PM: Behold: The first picture of the Boston 30 Under 30!!! Commence freaking out:
8:43 PM: Roxy's Grilled Cheese founder and chef James DiSabatin also made our list. Um, where can we score one of those tomorrow? (We're not counting, but that might have been Champagne number five).

8:51: They just played Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash - we think the answer is clear!

9:00 PM: The room is still crowded, and strangely no one has tried to steal a Zagat branded pillow. Wow, these Boston folks are a well behaved bunch.

9:09 PM: Spotted. Someone doing the robot. This blogger is from New York, but the language of dance is universal.

9:15 PM: And we think it's time to head out to the after party. We just want to say thank you to the young up and comers that were on our list - it was a good show, and we're glad you were all able to come out. We'd also like to say thanks to all the rest of the folks who showed up, for not stealing our pillows, and for showing some love to Beantown's up-and comers. Oh, and a VERY special thanks to the server who just refilled our champagne! Cheers to Boston!

9:30 PM: And we're wrapping things up here. We're gonna sign off and go out / tear it up in this beer soaked town. Thanks for reading, and we don't want to hog the spotlight, but we're just gonna post one picture of us so you can know who dealin' with here. We don't usually wear pajamas to a party, but you're not gonna yell...oh, wait...we've got mail...gotta go.....


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