11/08/2012 12:49:00 PM

Le Virtù Hosting an 8 Hour, 40 Dish Dinner on December 16

If you're the type that likes to make dining out an event, get your phone ready. On Sunday, December 16, East Passyunk Italian restaurant Le Virtù will be hosting a traditional Abruzzese feast called "La Panarda" that involves 40 dishes and is expected to last a grand total of eight hours (make sure you bring someone you like).

The menu will include traditional "required" items like pasta with lamb ragu, braised mutton stew and Ferratelle cookies along with more modern dishes such as chestnut gnocchi with wild boar ragu, farro and pork soup, and thickly sliced steak. When it comes to beverages, wine is included in the price, but those driving, don't worry - there will be a reasonable eight pairings as opposed to 40. Only 20 spots will be available, so be sure to make reservations soon because December will be here before you know it (2 PM; $200; 215-271-5626).


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