11/27/2012 07:06:00 PM

LA's 8 Must-Try Gourmet Donuts

Simmzy's drool-worthy apple fritter doughnut
Any way you fry it or, sure, bake it, donutss are the stuff dreams are made of. We constantly hear from out-of-towners that they're shocked at how many donut shops we have around LA - one on almost every corner. We can't help it; we love donuts. Like pizza, our favorite food group, even bad donuts are pretty much good. But why waste the calories on sub-par maple bars, old-fashioneds or holes when there are so many really, really fantastic ones to eat? Here, then, is a list of some of the best high-end frosted, cream-filled and often made-to-order sugared treats to find around town. Have a favorite? Drop it in the comments.


  1. Fun round-up. Looks like I've now got a donut to-do list.

  2. I’m not much interested in doughnuts but my kids really love to eat and they buy varieties of doughnuts on their weekends.

  3. How can you not have Donut Man in Glendora? Oh yeah, it's too far east for you folks to go! Well, more for me then....

    -- Cara King

    1. Don't get us wrong, Cara. WE LOVE DONUT MAN. It's not too far at all! We've been known to make a quick run out there on those rare occasions when we see no traffic on the 210E. However, this was specifically about gourmet doughnuts at restaurants, not just our favorite doughnuts of all time. And DM's strawberry donut and maple bars definitely fit in the latter category. Thanks for the comment!