11/28/2012 12:37:00 PM

Jeremy Fox's Old Soul Is Not a Pop-Up (But It Really Is)

First there was Jeremy Fox and Venice Barnyard, then there was Venice Barnyard sans Jeremy Fox. Now the chef and his front-of-the-house team (Helena Brown and Helen Springut) will open Old Soul, a string of dinners taking place at Square One Dining Thursday through Sunday nights. The chef, who hails from San Francisco's Ubuntu and Manresa, will offer four-course set menus that change weekly, and, yes, there will be a vegetarian option. The whole shebang is priced around $50 per person.

Dishes you might find: duck consomme with pumpkin, farro, gribenes and sage; Spanish-style tortilla with sauerkraut and caraway remoulade; carrot cavatelli pasta with carrot-top pesto; black roux gumbo with rock shrimp, meats and hominy; chipped beef tongue with hash browns and truffle fondue; and roasted persimmon with whipped ricotta and almonds. This definitely isn't the organic breakfast fare the East Hollywood restaurant is known for, but it follows the same aesthetic with an added layer of haute.

Reservations are now being accepted for the first weekend, which begins December 6, and the following week at This is Not a Pop-Up.


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