11/16/2012 04:55:00 PM

Jacques Pépin Chats About His New Cookbook, Julia Child and More at Google HQ

Industry legend Jacques Pépin visited our offices yesterday, and the charming chef had plenty of wisdom to share about his new cookbook, Jacques Pépin’s New Complete Techniques, filming for television, his dear friend Julia Child and more. Here are some highlights from the conversation:
  • Why publish a new book? Aside from joking it means more money, he alluded to the fact that the "cloudy, romantic" photos of previous tomes at this point look dated, so it's useful to incorporate new camera technology and trends. 
  • Pépin can do a mean Julia Child impression (stay tuned for the video). One of his favorite memories was filming an episode of the show that producers wanted done in 30 minutes. Julia responded with, “We’re going to cook, and when it’s finished, we’ll tell you." ...That shoot ended up lasting over two hours.
  • Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday because it has "no religious or political implications, no gifts or child involvement - it's just about overeating and drinking." And in his opinion, the meal isn't complete without turkey. Find his recipe here.
  • Having fresh ingredients and knowing where your food comes from is important, but he emphasizes we shouldn't go overboard. Pépin quipped that at one restaurant he visited they introduced a carrot with a name (Sara) and birth date (March 28). Too much.
  • Finally, some advice for parents. Kids these days can be quite demanding, but remember, a home kitchen isn't a restaurant. If your child asks what's for dinner, do as his wife used to do - just say "food."


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