11/30/2012 03:49:00 PM

Immaculate Infatuation Guys Talk Expansion Plans, Staying Fit

Music industry hotshots by day, restaurant reviewers by night, Chris Stang and Andrew Steinhal of NYC-based Immaculate Infatuation dropped by the New York City Google office to chat about their success over the past four years with their website and mobile app.

While they shared some of their plans for the future, including expansion into different cities (FYI, they’re looking for people with “a good sense for dropping an f bomb at the right time” who are not food bloggers or writers already), we also learned a little bit about their philosophy.

One city they’re really looking to have a presence is Austin, their current food obsession, as shown by the catering of Texas-based Foreign & Domestic at The Turkey Ball, their annual bash this past week. Other cities include Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Charleston, Nashville and DC. Mysteriously missing from the list? Los Angeles. Most of the best eateries in LA are actually small ethnic restaurants, such as those found in Chinatown and Koreatown, they say. “If you go to LA and go to the New York-style restaurants, it’s really hard to find one that lives up to it. And they all have valets in the front.”

Also, how have these two strapping young lads keep so fit while dining out and documenting about it three to four nights a week? “By running like they’re being chased,” they said. Noted for future gym routine.


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