11/01/2012 11:31:00 AM

Hoboken Calls For Food Trucks To Help Feed Storm-Ravaged Community

The National Guard in Hoboken
Large swaths of NYC are still without power, but many sections of Hoboken are even worse. Residents are still stranded by floods, and the lights are still out and the National Guard has been evacuating parts of the city. The city is also putting the call out for food - posting a message on their Facebook page asking for mobile eateries to please come setup shop. "Have a food truck? Come to Hoboken and help us feed our community."

If you do have a food truck, it sound like the town really needs you. The city added the following for neighborhood residents on safety and shelters - here's the info if you need it:

"Reminder: tap water is safe. PSEG power estimate: full restoration 6-9 days. Volunteers meet at city hall at 9am. Non perishable food, blankets, coats donations needed to city hall or high school. Don't drive unless absolutely needed. Statewide gas shortage. Emergency Operations Center: 201-239-6644. Shelters open at Wallace School, Sts Peter and Paul and St Matthews."


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