11/28/2012 11:07:00 AM

Goose Island Brewer Leaves To Open "Off Color Brewing"

John Laffler via Twitter
Something had to give. Brewer John Laffler was flying too close to the sun with his barrel aged beers at Goose Island. Brews that included Bourbon Country Stout with variations made with Intelligentsia coffee, cheery and a rye. Beers people waited in line for, beer people sold their first born for a sip of, beers people fought over. Maybe it was for the best when Laffler put in his notice this week at Goose and announced he will be starting a brewery with Dave Bleitner, formerly of Two Brothers.

The new brewery, called Off Color, will specialize in less available styles of beer and shy away from the barrel aging technique that made Laffler famous on the craft beer scene.Their styles of beer will include German, Belgian, Swedish and Finnish with modern American twists. "If you go into Binny's, there are 50 well-made IPAs," Laffler told Josh Noel of the Chicago Tribune. "Why the hell would you throw your hat in that ring? Plus this is what we're more interested in." No word yet on when these odd beers will be available to for public consumption.


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