11/15/2012 08:53:00 AM

Gilbert Gottfried Teams With Biggest Loser Contestants for Food-Related Play

You can't get enough of him as the Aflac duck (OK, maybe that's a stretch) and now comedian Gilbert Gottfried has a new play on the Upper West Side dubbed The Diet Show. Going along with the trend of museums around town putting up grub-related showcases, the comedian's show will focus on food and will star past contestants of The Biggest Loser. Here's a description from PR: "From hysterical and heartfelt monologues to a crowd-pleasing food jingle medley to the marvelous ''magic'' of Spanx, in The Diet Show performers share true life inspirational stories, reflecting on their own (often hilarious) accounts with the 'Battle of the Bulge."

The TV show isn't hesitant to lay on the schmaltz, and we're curious to see if this will follow suit. It starts on Wednesday the 20 at Stage 52 on the Upper West, you can get info here.


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