11/15/2012 11:17:00 AM

Fieri Responds to NY Times Takedown, Says Critic's Mind Was Already Made Up

It's rare for chef to respond publicly to a negative high profile review, but Guy Fieri isn't your average food world personality. After NY Times critic Pete Wells filed a killer zero-star review in this week's paper, the chef decided that he had to respond. Like his friend Duff Goldman, they are calling out the critic for going in with an agenda. Take a look at his full statement below.

“I wholeheartedly disagree with The New York Times’ Review of Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar. My philosophy on life is what drives my attitude towards food. As a kid, I used to make four-course sushi meals for my parents and our family friends. I got hooked on food because I saw the way people reacted; the atmosphere around a family dinner, dining out with friends and family – it was contagious.

At my restaurants, we always try to live by a very simple notion: that food brings people together. I’ve learned that not everyone agrees with my style. The Times’ critic, Pete Wells, clearly did not enjoy his experience. I normally do not respond to reviews or critics, however, given the tone of Pete’s piece, it’s clear to me that he went into my restaurant with his mind already made up. That’s unfortunate. I take comments from patrons, fans and visitors very seriously, and if there is ever a problem with our service, I’ll fix it.

“We’ve only been open a short while, but I’ve seen countless people come to my restaurant – families, fans, tourists, and yes, even New Yorkers – looking to get away for an hour or two, and they’ve had a great experience and a meal that they enjoyed. Like the hundreds of diners, drive-ins and dives I’ve featured on my show, I’ve incorporated my passion and love for food into my restaurants. I’m proud of the food we put out, and always will be.”


  1. Weak response. I read the review and unless Pete has a wildly, vivid fictious mind there's no way what he wrote is not true. Lets face it, Time Square isn't an epic center for fine food. With that being nor are the people who choose to eat in Time Square none the wiser, nor are their pallets. Guy knew people wondering around in Time Square would recognize his name
    (Diners, drive-ins an dives) and say " oh lets eat at famous chefs restaurant." Them not knowing that he plastered his name over a TGI Fridays sign.

  2. I agree a bit of a "off subject rebuttal". There were specific issues about the food, each of the dishes and the way they had been prepared and cooked, as well as the service. Making sushi and having had big family meals really doesn't address those issues. This reply is bit 'how dare you criticise me as I'm such a good guy and believe food brings people together' rather than proper evidence that the critic was wrong or mistaken. Duff's defence didn't help either linking the food in the restaurant to the worth of the DDD show, another non-sequitur. I'd take a good look at the operation and fix what is wrong.