EVR Set to Open Late December in Midtown

Compared to Lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn, Midtown remains deserted on the weekends, but could the arrival of gastrolounge/club EVR help change the scene? Come late December (you can book your NYE tickets now), the three-tiered space will attempt to lure club kids, out-of-towners in nearby hotels and local dwellers to the concept, and has enlisted at least one industry veteran to help. Orson Salicetti (Apoth├ęke alum, and consultant for Slightly Oliver and Social Eatz) will be acting as the beverage director, running a cocktail bar on the second floor (opening later in January).

The menu will consist of punches tailored for an after-work crowd; cocktails with botanical infusions; presentation-heavy "FOREVR" drinks involving liquid nitrogen, ice sculptures and fire; and lastly a small list of "Lively Cocktails" that need to be ordered in batches of five to 10, as they'll be accompanied by special performances by the bartenders that are related to the creation of each beverage.

As for the rest of the space, BlackBook reports that there'll be a basement art gallery and a dance floor on the first level surrounded by a performance platform (expect a steady rotation of interactive acts), bar, DJ booth and banquettes. Decor standouts include 20-ft. columns, a cubist-inspired artwork of the female form and industrial elements like copper bar stools.

Time will tell whether this and notable openings like Middle Branch are enough to attract Downtown crowds, but something tells us that given the location, it won't have a problem when New Year's Eve rolls around.

 54 W. 39th St.; 917-670-2431

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