11/02/2012 04:09:00 PM

Evan Funke Opening Pasta "Laboratorio" In Culver City

When we last heard from Evan Funke, he was amicably parting ways with Rustic Canyon, where he was chef for the last few years. One thing we learned from his time there, the man does have a way with handmade pasta, especially when paired with local ingredients (think: sweet corn agnolotti), so it's no surprise to hear he's opening his own pasta-focused joint, Bucato, in the former Beacon space in Culver City. If all goes as planned, he expects it to open in mid-December.

About the name: Bucato means "laundry" in Italian, and strands of drying pasta mirror the laundry lines you see hanging between buildings in Italy. Funke tells the Daily Dish that his new restaurant and pasta laboratorio will feature eight to 10 handmade pastas, a craft he learned at  La Vecchia Scuola Bolognese in Bologna. He says that between him and chef Kosaku Kawamura, whom he met in Italy, they know at least 300 different shapes between them. The space includes a temperature-controlled, glass-enclosed pasta lab where the two will be making pasta by hand with a board and a stick - no machines, rollers or extruders. In addition to pasta, the small plates menu will feature fresh-baked sourdough breads, ragus, wood-fired grilled meats, whole roasted fish and seasonal vegetables.

The Helms Bakery complex restaurant has two patios, lots of reclaimed wood, tables made from local eucalyptus trees, and other rustic-looking accents. And apparently it's been soundproofed because Funke is over the whole loud-restaurants-in-LA thing. Who isn't.


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