11/15/2012 04:17:00 PM

Eric Ripert Launches Luxury Caviar Line

Just last week, Eric Ripert's chocolate bar Good & Evil (with partners Anthony Bourdain and chocolatier Christopher Curtin) officially hit the market selling for a whopping $18. Today word comes that the 29-rated toque is now launching his own caviar line in partnership with Paramount Caviar. According to PR: "The limited-edition caviar was acquired from the highest grades of sturgeon roe available. (525 and 8 oz. tins for $1,050). Nutty, briny and lightly salted, the creamy golden roe is farmed in Italy, China and Israel. Origins are dependent on quality and seasonal availability, a testament to Ripert and Aimani's eye for perfection." You can get yours here (next-day delivery mind you throughout the United States and hand delivery within Manhattan.)


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