11/05/2012 03:31:00 PM

Election Day Eats, Drinks and Parties in Boston and Beyond

Legal Sea Foods' Blue Plate special, a nod to President Barack Obama
Looking for a place to softly land for Election Night? We have a few spots where you can unwind and dine in red, white and blue.

China Blossom: Those on the North Shore can head to this stalwart Chinese in North Andover, where if you show off your “I Voted” sticker, you get a free order of handmade egg or vegetarian spring rolls with any dine-in or takeout order (978-682-2242).

Legal Sea Foods: This seafooder with locations throughout the Bay State challenges you to show the way you vote by the way you order. Election Day specials include a Blue Plate dish of macadamia-coconut crushed mahi-mahi served with roasted Brussels sprouts in a lime butter sauce (guess for whom?); while the The Red Plate dish features pan-seared cod with steamed spaghetti squash in a bourbon lobster cream sauce (hint: He was once governor of MA). Heck, go bipartisan, vote with your stomach ($25.95; available at all locations; 617-426-4444).

Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake: This Back Bay bar-resto gets down to business with a platter of Nachobamas ($12), nachos smothered in salsa, cheese, refried beans, lettuce and, if you want, add chicken or steak; Mitt’s Binder Full o’ Fajitas ($12) has a choice of chicken, beef or pork (617-859-8555).

Towne Stove and Spirits: This Back Bay Eclectic hot spot is doing it up with an Election Night Party on the restaurant’s upper level. Watch a live screening of election results as they unfold over election-themed PatrĂ³n cocktails (Political Punch, Swing State Spritzer) and complimentary American bites from Lydia Shire. Only caveat, the party is 21+, so even if you're old enough to vote you gotta be old enough to drink (7-11 PM; 617-247-0400).

Upstairs on the Square: This Cambridge Square staple has a few specials, from drinks to eats, including the "Binders Full of Women": a $16 glass of red or wine along with Susie’s femininely stacked chickpea fries and housemade ketchup; "Red Cooked, Right-Winged" chicken wings with Great Hill blue cheese dip ($8); "PBS Smoked Big Bird" with parsley, butter and sage ($24); and, of course, $8 “Ding Dongs” - chocolate cake filled with marshmallow drenched in ganache (617-864-1933).


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