11/20/2012 10:47:00 AM

Eat This: Turkey Stuffed With Deep Dish Pizza at Three Aces

Grandma needs to step up her Thanksgiving game
Please take a moment to reread that headline. No, we are not pulling the most epic Thanksgiving prank ever. For an extremely limited time (we bet they sell out tonight or tomorrow), Three Aces is serving light and dark meat, deboned turkey stuffed with Pequods deep-dish pepperoni pizza. This plate of Chicago holiday gluttony may have last meal on Earth potential. If an asteroid were spiraling toward our city we would hightail it over to this rock ‘n’ roll restaurant for a plate of pizza-poultry and a shot of Old Crow with chef/evil genius Matt Troost. It's served with all the fixin's - gravy, cranberries, maybe a swig of lighter fluid and served to a heavy metal soundtrack. Eat up, because all you are going to find at your cousin's house in the suburbs is a bunch of pie-covered children.


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