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Eat This, Do This, Read This: Philly Weekend Planner, November 23-25

Once the big meal is over and done (and hopefully enjoyed, depending on who cooked the turkey), you’re free to go back to your regular eating and drinking habits. Whether you’re in the mood for something exotic or want more Americana, we’ve got a pair of great eats to recommend. There’s also plenty to do this weekend thanks to the start of the shopping season, plus we’ve got a couple fun articles to bookmark for something to read while you’re waiting in the checkout line. Happy Thanksgiving!

Eat This

Crispy Shrimp at Grill Fish Cafe
In contrast to his sprawling Vietnam Cafe, Benny Lai’s newest dining room is cozy and petite. The menu is also concise at this West Philly establishment, but - judging from recent visits - it’s to the benefit of the dishes that do make it on the list. Topping our favorites is this appetizer, a huge pile of plump shrimp, dragged through just enough breading and lightly fried. The outer crunch gives way to tasty oceanic juices, and the spiced-lemongrass dipping sauce on the side is nearly good enough to drink (215-729-7011).

Thanksgiving Poutine at Square Peg
Friday is your last chance to take Thanksgiving dinner to the extreme, Matt Levin style. Head to the wood-clad Walnut Street dining room and dig into the pile - you’ll find sweet potato fries, shredded turkey, cheese curds, cornbread and cranberry sauce, all brought together into one outrageous mess with a pour of turkey gravy over the top (215-413-3600).

Do This

$10 Barolo Wine at Panorama
If you’re shopping in Old City on Friday, make sure to stop over at this Front Street wine bar, where a 2004 Marchesei de Barolo “Cannubi” Barolo will be pouring for $10 per glass. Normal price for this vintage? $40. The deal is offered throughout the day from noon-midnight (215-922-7800).

Black Friday Brunch Frenzy at The Institute
Start your day with brunch at this Eraserhood taphouse - if you spend $12 or more on food, you get a free glass of Troegs Mad Elf or Brew Works Rude Elf. Both of these holiday ales are ultra strong, around 10-11% ABV, so shopping afterwards should be even more fun (267-318-7772).

Read This

Sugar Buzz - Printing 3D Sweets
The Sugar Plum Fairy would be impressed with confection-based sculptures coming out of the 3D printers at Hive coworking space. Sara Davis at Table Matters delves into the science and methodology behind printing with sugar and chocolate, and the reason it’s useful (it could help with research into printing organs for transplants).

Why Beer Growlers are Bad for your Brew
While growlers may be trendy, turns out there’s one segment of the population that doesn’t love them - brewers. Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver explains to Bon Appetit why the fill-and-go jugs aren’t really the best way to get fresh beer back to your abode.


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