11/15/2012 10:52:00 AM

Duff Goldman Weighs In on the NYTimes Takedown of Guy Fieri

We chatted to Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman yesterday and couldn't help but ask his opinion on the recent NYTimes takedown of Guy Fieri's new Times Square eatery. Duff, a friend of Fieri's, had this to say about the scathing review:

Guy's a wonderful human being. I think he [Pete Wells] knew exactly he knew what he wanted to write before he walked through the door. It was really easy to write that about Guy, Guy has brought the food of the people to the people. That's why his show is so successful and why he is so successful. Guy  has taken this chunk of Americana and shown it to the world in an authentic way. All he does is go to little tiny places that no one would ever talk about and puts them on TV.

I think what Pete Wells was saying was not so much an indictment of the restaurant, I don't think he was critiquing the restaurant. I think what he was really commenting on was - he was harshly lamenting the existence of Guy Fieri. Why would Pete or anyone from the NY Times need to go to any food establishment in Times Square? It's not like Guy was opening the joint next to Per Se - he's not trying to compete with Per Se...Guy and I have cooked together before, and Guy can cook his ass off.

Read the rest of Duff's thoughts on this and more in the full interview tomorrow.

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  1. So true - just wrote an article on this. http://nakedrealestate.com/2012/11/the-power-of-a-bad-review/