11/26/2012 10:12:00 AM

Dirty Franks Gets a Website

Dirty Franks first opened its doors on November 8, 1933, just a month before the repeal of Prohibition, and the Pine and 13th Street corner has served cheap beer and booze ever since. The dive bar is known for its lack of food (save for dirty water hot dogs and chips), its seven-days-a-week 11 AM opening and its cash-only policy, along with an eclectic decor and clientele to match. Over the weekend the watering hole marked a milestone - it launched a website.

Now it’s easy to find info on the openings at the on-site art gallery, follow the escapades of the Dirty Franks sports teams (softball, kickball and darts) and discover what’s on tap. Here’s hoping the entry into the online world doesn’t mean the $2 lagers, $3 Philadelphia Pale Ales and $5 whiskeys will also get upgrades anytime soon.


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