11/05/2012 01:56:00 PM

Delmonico's Kitchen, Giovanni Rana Pastificio Now Open

Post-Sandy comfort food at Giovanni Rana Pastifico 
Last week, the NYC restaurant industry came to a virtual standstill as the city weathered Hurricane Sandy. It's easy to tell that things are normalizing because the opening notices are starting to come in. Giovanni Rana Pastificio opened yesterday in the Chelsea Market. The restaurant is a full-service eatery from the Italian pasta maker - dishes like spinach and ricotta girasole with cripsy Parmigiano Reggiano will be served, and diners can take home gourmet ingredients from a shop that will sell items like chocolate and olive oil (75 Ninth Ave.; 212-370-0975).

We also have word that Delmonico's Kitchen is now serving lunch in Midtown. The eatery is a spinoff of old-school Delmonico's in the Financial District. Though many of the steaks and chops that made the original so popular will be on offer, the new joint is appealing to younger crowd, showcasing the catchphrase "this is not your father's Delmonico's." We hear that they are taking walk-ins for service and will start taking reservations on November 7 (207 West 36th St.; 212-695-5220).


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  2. I once went to this place and even that the decor is nice, the presence of the big screen TVs and the music detracted from the ambiance. The TVs are in the bar and can be seen in most of the dining room through the windows between the two rooms, and they were simply distracting. Good food though.

  3. Thank you for everything James, I really appreciate everything that you are doing!

  4. "The employees, the meals, the feel were exactly what we required for our number of 8. Everything was delightful and timed completely, the employees was courteous and on top of there activity. It was our new getting the team to "the KItchen" and it was amazing!! Definitely arriving back!!!!"