11/06/2012 05:24:00 PM

Critics, Public Flock To Support Downtown's Restaurant Scene

Barraca kept the lights on during the Blackout
The lights are on at Downtown restaurants, but the industry has a lot to do before they recover. This week, NY Times critic Pete Wells decided to file a call to arms, goading city eaters to head to the areas that were hardest hit and have dinner. In his words: "This is a big hit for businesses that get by on small margins, and for workers who are often paid by the hour. A few places may not survive. All will struggle." He goes on to lists eateries that are worth a visit. Read his column here.

A social media campaign has also sprung up to support Downtown dining in the aftermath of Sandy. #DineOutNYC encourages participants to support their neighborhood eateries, and to encourage others to follow suit by blasting out the hashtag. Although the group is promoting dining city wide, we think we'll be updating our social from a previously-darkened restaurant this weekend.


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