11/13/2012 11:06:00 AM

Coolest Menu Ever? Mono+Mono Unveils Vintage View-Master Food List

Korean friend chicken joint Mono+Mono just celebrated it's second anniversary, and what two-year old doesn't want a toy for their birthday? The eatery just rolled out what might be the coolest menu we've ever seen. Starting December 1, guests will be able to peer into a vintage View-Master to scope a selection of dishes and cocktails that can be enjoyed at the restaurant. While the entire menu won't be showcased, signature dishes like soy-garlic fried chicken and pork belly in Korean chili sauce will be displayed.

You might remember playing with these toys as a kid - it took Mono owner M.J. Chung a few years to amass his collection of 80 from Ebay. The toys are a reaction to digital culture, even though restaurants are whipping out iPads and other digital devices, "we are proudly old school," says Chung. We predict the restaurant won't be able to escape the digital age all together, because diners are going to whip out those smart phones and Instagram these creative menus like crazy.


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