11/01/2012 11:03:00 AM

Continental Old City Spirit Month: $4 Drinks, Prizes for Pics

The Starr Restaurant organization recently launched an Instagram account (@Starr_Restaurant), and is celebrating in a most spirited way. Throughout the month of November, Old City martini bar Continental is running a “Spirit Month” with specially priced cocktails made from local liquors. Order a tipple using ingredients made by in-city distiller Philadelphia Distilling, Art in the Age (headquartered in Philly) or Cooper Spirits, which has offices in Philadelphia, New York and Paris, and your drink is just $4 - a serious steal.

Plus, if you post a photo of your drink on Instagram and tag #ContinentalOldCity, you’ll win a free prize. Just like that. Below, check out the full list of liquors that qualify for the discounted drinks and some of the cocktails on offer - though you are welcome to create your own.

Philadelphia Distilling
XXX Shine
Penn 1681

Art in the Age
Rhubarb Tea

Cooper Spirits
St. Germain
Crème Yvette
Slow & Low

Example Cocktails
The Ginger (Snap, Bluecoat, lemon, housemade ginger beer, candied ginger)
Philly Vesper (Bluecoat, Penn 1681, Lillet, orange)
White Whiskey Sour (XXX Shine, lime, orange, agave, Root)
The Continental (Penn 1681, dry vermouth, lemon-stuffed olive)
Xhenong Tea (Rhubarb Tea, black tea, honey, Chinese five spice)

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