11/30/2012 01:26:00 PM

Chefs From Around the U.S. Come Together at City Grit for Food & Wine Cookbook Launch

Nine chefs from across the U.S. came together last night at Nolita's City Grit to launch the release of a new Food & Wine cookbook featuring their recipes called America's Greatest New Cooks. Roll call: from NYC - Sarah Simmons (City Grit), Alex Stupak (Empellon), Justin Smillie (Il Buco AV), Chicago's Jimmy Bannos Jr. (The Purple Pig), Philly's Michael Solomonov (Zahav and Federal Donuts), Julianne Vermont's Jones and Didier Murat (Vergennes Laundry) and SF's Nick Balla (Bar Tartine) and Belinda Leong (B. Patisserie). Each chef prepared one course at the special dinner (Jones and Didier drove in their handmade bread) and were joined by F&W bigwigs Dana Cowin, Gail Simmons and Kate Heddings. Check out some of the stunning plates below.


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