11/29/2012 04:59:00 PM

California Restaurant Offering Pork-Tastic Armageddon Burger

And so it begins. California chainlet Slater's 50/50 is offering an "Armageddon Burger" in honor of the upcoming Mayan day of doom - December 21, 2012. It's a 1/3-pound serving of meatloaf made with Slater’s 50% ground beef, 50% ground bacon blend and rendered pancetta, wrapped in a thick cut bacon and whole grain mustard crust. The burger sits atop a bed of arugula stacked with thinly sliced prosciutto and topped with chipotle ketchup on a bacon pretzel bun. The Armageddon Burger is $11.95 and is available starting in December at all four Slater’s 50/50 locations – Huntington Beach, Anaheim Hills, San Diego and Pasadena – through Dec. 31.


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