11/19/2012 04:18:00 PM

Burritoville Chain Extinct as Chelsea Outpost Shutters

Image via Flickr/sinickname
Can a mom-and-pop burrito chain survive in the era of fast-casual Mexican on the scale of Chipotle and Qdoba? If Burritoville is any indication, it doesn't look so hot. A tipster sent word that the last outpost of the mini-chain has closed up shop in Chelsea. There used to be a number of locations throughout the Big Apple, but the chain filed for bankruptcy and shut down most of them. The original outpost in Chelsea was actually in the neighboring space, and this reboot was supposed to be the first location in a brand revamp that never really took off. If you have a burrito craving that you can't deny, there is still a Chipotle nearby on Eighth Avenue near 17th Street.


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