11/20/2012 05:06:00 AM

British Tapas: MasterChef Winner to Open Bilbao Barria in London

We expected big things from Ash Mair - the winner of 2011's MasterChef: The Professionals - and he is not letting us down.

The Australian chef has announced plans to open a London branch of Spain's Bilbao Berria in Lower Regent Street next spring. The new space will serve casual pintxos and tapas on one floor while the second will be a more formal dining area with classic and modern Basque and Spanish dishes.

In an interview with Hot Dinners he mentioned that he will use lighter, seasonal ingredients like asparagus and berries to give his tapas a British twist, as well as authentic products like jamón and chorizo from Spanish suppliers.

Can't wait till next Spring? Here are 5 places to eat tapas in London while you wait.


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