11/09/2012 10:25:00 AM

Bierstube Introduces Limited Time Elk Burger

How do you make a better burger without throwing on all kinds of crazy toppings? Change the meat! At German-themed Bierstube, chef Mike Barash has just introduced a burger made from elk. Elk has a very rich, juicy flavor, even though it’s lower in fat than beef (and even chicken), and the chef recommends skipping cheese to enjoy the unconventional taste.

The half-pound patty is sourced from New Jersey’s Fossil Farms, which also sells offbeat meats like kangaroo and yak. The burger is served on a LeBus kaiser roll with a side of Belgian frietjes and Flemish dipping sauce for $9. Stop into the Old City beer bar this weekend to give the new creation a try; it may only be around for a limited time.


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