11/12/2012 01:25:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Al Pastor at Rico's Tacos

After an epic one-day food crawl that included cinnamon rolls at Bob's, Fritzi Dog dogs, Vien Cafe pho, Tom Bergin's reuben balls and India Sweets and Spices dosas, one of the best things we had this weekend was the bright red al pastor from Rico's Tacos, a truck that sets up in a laundromat parking lot at Fairfax and Pico nightly. It wasn't exactly a sanctioned stop on our tour (11 restaurants in 11 hours for 11/11), but we couldn't pass up shaved pork from a giant meat cone. The guy manning the spit expertly cuts off slivers of chile-rubbed meat, chucks off a piece of pineapple and lays it all on hot corn tortillas. We topped ours with bright green salsa verde and cilantro - sheer perfection. Delicious tacos for only a buck are hard to beat. Just ask the crowd lining up as soon as it opens.

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