11/15/2012 03:15:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Week: Lobster Grilled Cheese at Rhino Bar

Now that Mike Stollenwerk’s Fish has moved to its new smaller, fancier digs next door, Rhino Bar is free to be as pub-food-happy as it wants (aka very). Not that the food isn’t great - Stollerwerk is still in charge - but the new menu is full of dishes that make you feel good with zero fuss. Prime example: the lobster grilled cheese.

Served once-upon-a-time at short-lived Fathom, the sandwich is a huge gooey mess of fontina cheese and buttery grilled slices of Metropolitan Bakery sourdough. A surprising number of big lobster knuckles make sure you don’t miss the seafood element, and a few pieces of broccoli add texture and a tiny bit of something green. But not too much healthy-ness gets in the way of decadent sandwich enjoyment, and there’s always the mound of hot fries on the side to help.

The 13th and Locust bar is holding a grand opening bash from 6-9 PM on Tuesday, November 20, featuring $2 canned beers, $3 drafts, $4 cocktails (which are just as good as at the spot’s previous incarnation) and a menu of half-priced plates. Will it include tempura fish tacos, perhaps, or a smoked salmon Reuben? We’re looking forward to finding out.


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