11/29/2012 02:12:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Week in DC: Kinkead's Chowder

Kinkead's Chowder; photo: Wesleigh
When we heard that Kinkead’s, a DC seafood and power dining institution, would be closing its doors on December 22, after a 20-year run, we hurried down to Foggy Bottom for a final taste of chef/owner Bob Kinkead’s American fare.

It was chilly late afternoon when we sat down at its spacious bar. A steaming bowl of New England Seafood Chowder seemed like just what we needed to warm up. We knew it would be the real deal given Kinkead’s New England roots. We weren’t disappointed. The warm, creamy, flavorful soup was bursting with fresh tasting fish and seafood. Bite-sized potato chunks made it perfect comfort fare, while housemade oyster crackers provided an added crunch. We couldn’t resist asking for a few more.

While we there, we chatted with Bob Kinkead about his plans. Closing this large restaurant now that his lease is expiring makes sense, he says, for several reasons, notably, the sagging economy. He believes that restaurants run their course, and the dining public is ready to try something new.  He’s considering several possibilities for a place on a smaller scale where he can cook Italian pastas and Mediterranean seafood - something he has always wanted to do. We certainly hope he will keep his signature chowder on the menu (2000 Pennsylvania Ave. NW; 202-296-7700).


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