11/14/2012 01:42:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Street Cart Döner at Spitz

Spitz was never a food truck, but it did introduce a California version of the döner kabab, a street-food staple served on just about every corner across Europe and the Middle East. For the uninitiated, doner kabab similar to a gyro or shawarma: spiced meat cooked vertically on a spit, shaved off and wrapped in lavash. Swinging through Los Feliz last night, the new funky art-filled space caught our attention - wide-open windows, classic rock, and rousing games of shuffle board in the game room. How could we not?

We tried the Street Cart Döner, a mainstay with beef and lamb, crispy lavash strips and a slew of vegetables, aioli and chili sauce. The meat mixture is made in-house, and it's really lean with good flavor. It's a messy and filling sandwich, and great with a beer - we're glad this and the Little Tokyo location have some decent ones on tap. We're kind of crazy for the fried garbanzos and olives, too. Next time we'll try the Doquitos, basically taquitos with the doner kabab meat. Sounds like LA fusion cuisine at its best.


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