11/12/2012 09:15:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Sonoran Cheese Crisp at El Toro Blanco

Josh Capon's Mexican joint El Toro Blanco has already turned into quite the West Village scene - we've heard reports of people being turned away for reservations during prime time and witnessed Capon working the room and greeting big names ranging from Michael White to John Mayer on a recent visit. We suspect that this place will still pack 'em in as a neighborhood draw once the buzz dies down.

The fare is higher end that what's offered at other Village Mexican restaurants, and it's still affordable. Our favorite dish, an open-faced quesadilla that was baked to a crisp and topped with cheese, pork and other goodies, could easily feed two people. It's essentially a Mexican pizza, and it hit the spot with a nicely spiced mango margarita from the cocktail list. We hit up Capon's Burger and Barrel on a regular basis, and it will be nice to have a new spot to work into the rotation (257 Sixth Ave.; 212-645-0193).


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