11/06/2012 01:45:00 PM

Best Burger We Ate Yesterday: Thanksgiving on a Bun at The Oinkster

We bristled a bit when everyone started talking about Thanksgiving the day after Halloween, but then we remembered: we love Thanksgiving. The flavors and smells from the holiday table are some of our favorite, but the leftovers, especially the day-after sandwich, probably trump everything. (We can basically eat turkey and stuffing any day, any time of year.) So when we heard that The Oinkster's burger special this month is a classic turkey dinner in hamburger form, we hightailed it over there.

As all of the burgers and pastrami here, this one is pretty simple and delicious. The well-seasoned turkey patty comes topped with sharp cheddar, lettuce, lots of fresh cranberry sauce and onion relish that has a hint of sage and herbs. All mushed together on a soft bun, it definitely tastes like Thanksgiving, which got us pretty excited for the gorge-fest to come. To get really seasonal, there's also a pumpkin milkshake (pumpkin puree, pumpkin ice cream and pie crust) and even a pumpkin-swirl brownie for dessert. Screw the pre-holiday diet.

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