11/14/2012 08:52:00 AM

Anthony Bourdain Talks About His New CNN Show Last Night on Piers Morgan

Anthony Bourdain appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight to talk about his new CNN show, Parts Unknown, which we learned last night will debut in April. He starts off by talking about why he made the jump to CNN: "Well you guys called. At a good time. And it was a very exciting opportunity to shoot in places that I’ve been wanting to shoot for a long time." Morgan also asked Bourdain about his last meal and who he thinks are the greatest chefs in the world, of the latter he responded: "Ferran Adria is the Jimi Hendrix of cooking. I think Fergus Henderson is the most influential chef in the world. Chances are chefs in your neighborhood chefs are starting to cook like him."

Check out the clip above in which Bourdain talks about his last meal. Spoiler: it involves legendary sushi chef Jiro Ono.


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