11/06/2012 08:22:00 AM

A Reason to Eat Out: Women Don't Master Cooking Until They Are 55

26 Year Old Florence Knight
According to a new survey for the Co-operative Food, women don't master cooking until the age of 55. The Daily Telegraph explains that 'by this age, she has the confidence and experience to throw together baking ingredients without weighing them, make a tasty supper out of random leftovers, put on a dinner party for 12 – and rescue a meal that is going wrong."

The survey also found that 85% of women over 55 could confidently cook a perfect fried or boiled egg, and over half said they never used sauces from jars or packets and always made their own while three-quarters said they regularly baked cakes and biscuits.

The results suggest that TV chef Nigella Lawson who is only 52 has not reached her peak. If that is true we can't wait to see what is yet to come from Florence Knight, the 26-year-old head chef at Polpetto who is not even half way there.

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